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Our Mission

We want to provide every guest with a remarkable experience by serving only great fresh food at a fair price. It's that simple. Our Success is only measured by our ability to bring out the best in ourselves and everyone around us.

Our Values

Chick-A-Boom strives to bring you a pleasurable experience and maintain a unique sense of family and camaraderie with our employees, guests and neighbors. We are committed to quality, value and total guest satisfaction. We only use all fresh, natural chicken and premium fresh products to create our menu. We want to be a valuable member and advocate of the communities we are located in. We continually support community based programs and efforts through active participation, fundraisers, sponsorships and much more. The welfare of our employees, guests and community members will always be an essential part of which we are. We are always looking for ways to become more environmentally sustainable. We use as many renewable resources as possible and are committed to recycling. Our cooking oils contain no trans-fat and the oil is donated and recycled to make Bio-fuel and other renewable energies.

Fresh Jumbo Chicken Tenders: The Perfect Restaurant for the Indecisive

A quick service restaurant that focuses on selling one specialized product. What makes Chick-A-Boom chicken tenders different from any other chicken tender you ask? Chick-A-Boom emphasizes fresh jumbo premium chicken tenderloins (3 - 4oz.) that are made with a propriety batter and marinade. They are then cooked to order, fresh and juicy with a unique blend of flavors and are accompanied by our signature sauces and side dishes.

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